What Programming Languages Do Most Popular Websites Use?

Web development

Those who consider a career in web development often wonder which programming language they should start learning first. To facilitate this choice, we have compiled a list of programming languages used by most popular websites on the market. they all have their advantages, good and bad sites, and everyone likes their users to be as comfortable as possible when they are online, whether they are watching videos or having fun gambling online. Strap yourselves in, because we are taking a crash course in the most used programming languages on the market.


JavaScript, or JS, is an essential part of web development. It contains API that deals with text, arrays, and regular expressions. It is not to be confused with Java. In spite of them having similar names, libraries, and syntax, they are completely different languages.

As to who uses JavaScript, it is safe to say it is everyone. JavaScript is the language major corporations turn to for their front-end development needs. While all of the most popular social media platforms, search engines, and shopping sites use it for client-side development, Linkedin and eBay make good use of it in back-end development as well.


C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It gets its name from another programming language, C, signifying the natural evolution from one language to another. The purpose with which it was created was to work alongside existing programming languages to solve problems quickly and effectively, and the code used should be able to deal with issues in real time. It inherited most of C’s syntax.

It is used for back-end development by Google, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, and Twitter, just to name a few of the giants that depend on it.


PHP stands for Personal Home Page since the early versions of it were not meant to become an entire programming language one day. It was originally intended for the development of simple and dynamic web applications. It has been around since 1995 and has evolved time and time again. It has several implementations, most famous of which are Zend PHP, HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM), and Parrot.

Its versatility allows it to be relevant and useful to some of the most visited websites on the planet. PHP is used by Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress for back-end development.


If you want a programming language that is concurrent, object-oriented and class-based, Java is what you need. It is a general-purpose language that does its best to follow WORA – write once, run anywhere. The idea was to design a language that can be compiled from any machine and run anywhere. It is secure, simple, portable, and dynamic.

As stated before, Java should not be confused with JavaScript. It is used by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube.


Along with Java, it is used by the three biggest websites on the globe – Google, Facebook, and YouTube. It is a high-end language that is versatile. It strives to be elegant, simple, and clear.