How Has Python Gained Its Popularity?

Web development

Among thousands of different programming languages, it seems that programmers today mostly use Python. Not only is it used in a sector of computer programming, but also in web development, machine learning, as well as data science – data analysis and data visualization. Some may say that they would expect Java to be the most popular programming language, yet Python has surpassed Java and is used all over the globe. Here are some points that make Python special, practical, and popular among both beginner and advanced programmers.

It is used for all sorts of things

Python is a programming language created for general purposes, which means it can solve different kinds of tasks and problems. Therefore, it is pretty friendly for beginners and versatile with solutions, and that is the first thing making it popular among those doing the coding. Secondly, it is open-source, letting the users use and distribute it freely, even if they need Python for commercial purposes. Then, it possesses an abundant archive of modules and libraries, which have been expanded by third-party users. It all adds up to the number of Python’s capabilities and the sort of tasks it can perform. These modules and libraries come along with a vast and active community that is pretty supportive and fast to direct you to the correct solution. 

The name

The story of its name is captivating: its creator, Guido Van Rossum, was reading the script from Monty Python’s Flying Circus while tackling a new programming language, and that is how Python got its name. Van Rossum thought that the name was short, striking, and mysterious enough for his new programming language. It can be said that this programming language can partly thank its popularity to the series which was an inspiration for the name.

Good jobs

Another advantage of learning how to code with Python is that it opens the door to various job opportunities and high salaries with a nice perspective. Some of the popular apps and servers have been coded by Python, like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, NASA’s website, as well as Google. The demand for Python programming has been increasing each year, and the salaries of Python programmers are kept higher than the average salaries of other programmers. 

A good thing about Python is that it can be used by other people who do not pursue their careers in programming. It is also useful for small business owners, journalists, as well as social media marketers. It is there to simplify everyday tasks, like filling out online forms automatically, randomly assigning chores to your family members, renaming large batches of files, sending oneself a text reminder not to forget important issues, etc. Python can automatically keep track of the situation of stock markets and crypto prices for those who cannot stay updated regularly.