4 AI trends to watch for in 2022


Some of us still have a difficult time imagining how AI looks and what it does. Most of us imagine it as a robot with humanoid characteristics, one that is able to function and even think on its own. We imagine futuristic movies we have seen as children and potentially fear the rise of machines. In reality, AI is already here – it has been here for a long time – and many people believe that this year it will become an essential part of every modern person’s life. Even now when we are shopping online, browsing the internet looking for Mr Bit promo code so that we can play casino games, or even when we are applying to jobs online, we are in contact, however small, with different AIs. Many companies are beginning to see the value of AI and are starting to incorporate AI technology and since everybody wants to stay ahead of the game, people are wondering what is going to be new this year when it comes to AI. 

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles are something we have been hearing a lot of in the past few years. Some of them are even already developed, even if it will take more than a few years for these cars to be mass-produced and become a part of our everyday lives. But this year the trend of autonomous vehicles is spreading to other types of vehicles as well – we will have the first marine vessel that is guided by AI as well as an AI aircraft.

Altruistic AI

Like I have mentioned in the beginning, many people have this unrealistic (for now) but also negative image of what AI is. Instead of imagining AI as a robot that has its own mind and that is there to eventually replace humans, the reality is that AI helps people immensely.

This year the focus will be on using AI to help the planet and the people. Global health, climate change, and education are just some of the areas where AI can be used to help scientists find cures and solutions to everyday problems that affect millions of people. 


The number one area where we can already see AI being used every day is business and this year this trend will only become more present. If you watch Youtube, you might have heard people mentioning the Youtube algorithm which determines what videos are recommended to you and which content creators end up on your main page. Well, the Youtube algorithm is nothing more than an AI-assisted technology for decision-making. Unlike humans, AI is able to process incredible amounts of data fast, which can help businesses of every kind, not just Youtube. This year, as more and more companies start to use this kind of technology, we will notice more personalised ads and recommendations for everything we need in life, which in turn helps businesses target their desired audience and make more profit. 

Internet security 

We all want to be safe when we are browsing the internet and we are not even aware that AI is in part responsible for keeping us safe. This year the prediction is that this trend will continue and that AI will be used even more to keep people safe whatever they are doing online.