How Huge Companies Use AI


It seems that with each passing day we hear about a new ground-breaking discovery in the world of technology. Technological progress is now evident more than ever before in human history, and there is nothing left but to embrace it and make the most out of it. And huge companies like Apple and Amazon seem to be aware that those who start using the latest technology first will be the ones with the greatest success. 

This is why all the leading companies are now using AI or artificial intelligence that helps them in many ways. Most of these companies use AI to upgrade their service and provide their customers with the best user experience. So, let’s take a look at some concrete examples of how AI is used today.


If you ever went online to buy anything from shoes and bags to kitchen utilities and gardening equipment, then there is a high chance that you’ve heard of Alibaba. This company is the number one e-commerce platform and it is untouchable when it comes to the number of items sold every day. Alibaba uses AI on its shopping platform regularly, without us even noticing it. Have you ever visited Alibaba, and out of the blue, you got a suggestion for an item that you were planning to buy. Well, that’s not random. That is the work of their AI that is excellent at predicting what the customer is going to buy next. 

Google (Alphabet)

Alphabet is Google’s parent company that is working on AI that will be used on self-driving cars. These vehicles are already being tested in California, and their main goal is to take you from one place to another in the safest possible way. These driver-free vehicles are expected to reduce the number of road accidents to a minimum. 


Even though Amazon is way behind Alibaba when it comes to sales numbers, their AI is equally impressive. Amazon’s AI can predict your next purchase so precisely that it will initiate the shipping process before you even finalize the payment. This AI collects the data from a user’s shopping habits, and the more data it obtains the more precise his future actions are. What is more, buyers can also benefit from this feature since the AI can help them find the product that they need in seconds. Another way in which Amazon uses its AI is in its futuristic Amazon Go stores. Buyers who connect their bank account with the Amazon app can make a purchase at Amazon Go and skip the checkout since they will be charged with everything they took from the store.