These Industries Will Benefit the Most from Using Artificial Intelligence


AI is upgrading our world. We are taking another step in the development of humanity where we can more rely on technology, as it now has a brain on its own. However, some industries will have much more benefits than others. These are healthcare, automotive, security (cybersecurity), and customer service, even sports betting and things like bwin Bonus Code 2020. Let’s discuss each one of these. Read on! 


The main problem in healthcare is that there’s too much data. Every person is a patient and has a unique medical history where every single aspect needs to be taken into account when that person is ill. Luckily, AI is slowly entering this field and helps doctors speed up the process and make it more accurate.

For example, AI has analyzed tens of thousands of cases of heart diseases and their developments. It can now spot it at a very early stage and notify professionals about that. You see, the problem is that no matter how good the doctor is, their diagnoses are wrong 20% of the time. AI lowers that number a lot!


Car crashes are terrifying. Every year, thousands of accidents happen due to human error. All it takes is one short moment of carelessness, and we could end up without the car and with serious injuries.

Luckily for us, AI has become a part of the automotive industry as well. In the last couple of years, we have been able to witness a real revolution regarding driving. Apart from the autopilot, AI scans the surroundings all the time, helps us park, warns us about the road ahead, and more.


We dealt with potential threats in healthcare and auto industry, but the most significant danger nowadays is theft. This is no ordinary theft we are talking about. It’s stealing someone’s information, the most valuable asset today.

AI is here to help us with this as well. It can recognize viruses, malware, scam sites, and many other potential threats. Many antivirus programs are already AI-driven and protect our data with smart technology.

Doesn’t seem scary enough? But what if we tell you that countries as a whole must be secured on a cyber level, as we live in a day and age where warfare is not among soldiers but hackers. In this case, AI is super important! It protects millions of lives by recognizing and stopping potential threats.

Customer Care

Customer care in the 21st century doesn’t consist only of people. It’s a system that includes websites, various pieces of software, developers, designers, writers, and support. All of these people try hard to improve your experience as you browse shops and buy products. AI can read your behavior, recognize your needs, and suggest appropriate products for you.

Furthermore, it can offer you discounts and help you if you have a problem with some products. If you think that you haven’t experienced this service so far, ask yourself this question next time you go to Amazon or Aliexpress – why are some products suggested on the landing page?