5 Breakthrough Technologies That Will Greatly Benefit the Society in 2019


We’ve come a long way since the industrial revolution began in the 18th century. Our technological advancements are becoming exponentially faster every year, so it’s more and more difficult to keep track of all of the new technologies invented almost by the day.

These new technologies are important for society’s development, even if they appear insignificant in the beginning. However, each year, there are several breakthrough technologies whose impact is noticeable almost instantly.

This article will show you what, in our opinion, are some of the most important tech breakthroughs to expect in 2019. Let’s dig in!

3D Metal Printing

Although it might seem strange, 3D printers are not a new technology. We have been using them for several decades now, but they have been mostly used plastics to print objects. Using anything other than plastics was not only slow but extremely expensive as well. However, that might change very soon.

3D metal printers will make it possible for manufacturers to print different parts quickly and efficiently. There will be no more need for large inventories of spare parts that take up space and end up never being used.

Moreover, this technology can make much more diverse objects that are stronger and more durable at the same time, compared to the old metal casting procedures.

Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are not strange to scientists – they already know how to make basic ones. However, there’s a puzzle that still needs to be solved. How should we use all of this computing power when it becomes available to us? One of the best options so far is precisely designing molecules.

What does this mean for humanity? We will be able to create new proteins that will make stronger and more efficient drugs; we will invent better electrolytes that will improve our car and phone batteries, or figure out a way to turn sunlight directly into liquid fuel. The possibilities are endless.

Real Internet Privacy

Internet privacy exists today, but it is limited and full of flaws. That might change the next year with the introduction of a new and redefined concept of internet privacy. For example, you will be able to prove you have sufficient funds in your bank account without revealing exactly how much, or prove that you are over 18 without telling your exact date of birth to anyone.

This new tool is called zero-knowledge proof, and it’s based on a cryptocurrency known as zk-SNARK. Even Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of Ethereum, has called this technology an absolute game changer.

Babel-Fish Earbuds

If you have read the novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you know about the yellow Babel fish. You slide it into your ear, and it instantly translates any language you’d otherwise not understand. We will soon have the same powers thanks to Google’s Pixel earbuds.

They work together with Google’s Pixel smartphones, instantly translating any language back into English. One person speaks into the phone, while the other speaks into the earbuds, and the translations are instantly played on the other person’s device.

Smart City

We have had numerous smart-city ideas that have remained promises instead of becoming a reality. However, a new project located in Toronto, Canada and called Quayside might finally change that.

It plans to fully incorporate breakthrough technologies into urban neighborhoods and re-evaluate how a city should look like. We can expect autonomous and shared vehicles, robots completing menial jobs, and AI’s making important decisions.

Moreover, the software and the solutions used in this project will be open-source, which means anyone can use them and improve upon them. Of course, buying real estate in this neighborhood is not going to be cheap.