Debunking 5 Myths about Artificial Intelligence — It’s not Like in the Movies!


AI is not a part of science fiction anymore. We are actually undergoing a revolution of a sort that will bring us even closer to technology. Many people don’t trust AI, and they have every right to believe so. We have been bombarded by various ideas about Artificial Intelligence and its destructive potential. However, the reality is entirely different. Let’s take a look!

AI and Human Jobs

First of all, people are afraid that AI is going to take their jobs. Millions of workers doing menial jobs will get replaced by a computer, and that’s a terrifying thought. In reality, AI has an entirely different purpose which is mainly to help people.

No AI software is strong enough to replace the power of human judgement, and we can see that in the example of content moderators. Instead of reviewing content themselves (say, a video on a video uploading platform), the moderators only get notifications to review suspicious videos that, in AI’s opinion, don’t meet the requirements to be uploaded. Therefore, moderators are still doing their job, but now they just supervise and make decisions, while AI does all the grunt work.

Only Big Companies Use AI

People often consider AI an expensive toy, but they are wrong. It is not used only by Google and Microsoft, although they do have the most refined AI products. Small businesses also use AI software on daily basis to sort their data and as a help in their everyday tasks. In fact, you might be using AI at your job, without being aware of that at all. Ask your IT team about it and you might be surprised with the answer.

AI is Not Like Humans

AI is powerful, but it is a far cry from being as powerful as the human brain. The only advantage AI has over humans at this moment is that we are not scalable and our minds are not applicable in various industries at the same time.

On the other hand, the time we need to process information and learn from them is still thousands of times faster than the most potent AI software.

AI Always Categorizes Data

We often think that AI is so intuitive that it can make sense of any type of messy data. Nope – it’s not that powerful yet.We still have to meddle and make some arbitrary categories to feed the AI brain so that it can have a firm basis for further learning.

AI Will Control Us

There’s a group of people who are seriously afraid of what’s going to become of AI in the future. Many think that it’s going to assume control of the world and make us its slaves. However, AI is very electricity dependant, and as long as we can shut down the power, we don’t have to be afraid of it.