Sports News Platforms Can Teach You a Lot about Web Development!

Web development

This time, we decided to dissect a couple of popular platforms for sports news in order to give you an insight into what one such site should contain. The reason why we chose sports is simple. They don’t always follow the latest trends in design or development and manage to achieve very much with very little invested, because some of them offer things like Sportingbet Promotional Code. Let’s take a closer look at them from web developer’s point of view.

Effectiveness Comes First

When creating a similar website, take into account that Sports news is a news site. Its primary purpose is not to impress anyone, but to deliver valuable info to the people who land on it. This is why web developers pay a lot of attention to effectiveness rather than looks. They often opt for straightforward solutions regarding design, with emphasis on minimalism.

BBC’s site is a fine example of this. Their news site immediately shows all the essential pieces with headlines and pictures, without any additional distraction. Apart from the primary yellowish colour, the only two other colours you can see are white and black, which gives the impression of classic and professional.

Always Include Live Data

We live in an era where everything goes live. At any moment, there is some sort of game being played in the world, and a good sports news site is there to cover it. That doesn’t have to be a full video cover, but you can try to connect some of the data from sports gambling sites and show the latest scores from the matches.

Furthermore, you can pay attention to other important info. For example, if you are covering football, you can include the goal scorers, fouls, free kicks, corners, and even the yellow and red cards. These are the statistics that people are usually very interested in when visiting a sports news platform.

Pay Attention to UX

Sports websites have a lot of sections. The most comprehensive ones include dozens of sports and subcategories. Users can get pretty confused by this fact. Therefore, it’s always wise to study user experience solutions on similar websites and see how they did it.

Don’t overcomplicate things but make sure to adapt your news to your target group of visitors. For example, if your visitors mostly read about basketball on your site, make sure to feature a couple of articles about this sport on the landing page.

WordPress is the King

Let’s not beat around the bush – you are most likely to use WordPress as the primary support for your news site. We cannot make claims about the future, but the present is reserved for WordPress, and there is no doubt about it.

First of all, it will save your precious time that you would have spent building the site from scratch. Second, it has a sweet deal with Google, and all you have to do is install a couple of plugins to optimize texts before you get to the SERP 1 and visitors start flowing in.


To sum up, making a sports news website is easy, and you don’t need to be an expert web developer to pull it off. On the contrary, WordPress can make a great assistant and help you complete the job. However, you will have to pay attention to a couple of things (listed above) to make things work out once you start filling the site with content.