Is web development important in 2022?

Web development

I like to believe that I am a person that keeps up with trends online. As I have already mentioned, I do most of the things online and like every other person I know, cannot go anywhere without my phone or internet access. So, I am not completely blind to the fact that many iconic sites and blogs have slowly been losing viewership and engagement over the years. The rise of the numerous social media platforms has turned the audience away from websites and blogs and onto a more accessible way of getting information, staying in contact with people, and also retail. With that being said, websites and blogs are perhaps less popular than they were ten or five years ago, but that doesn’t mean that they are not important anymore. We still need them and we still need web development in order to make these sites.

Why is web development important? 


I would say that the biggest advantage of having your own site to promote your brand, sell products, or provide any kind of service is that you completely own the business. Having your shop on Instagram for example can result in issues when the site is down for whatever reason, or in complete destruction of your brand if, for example, Instagram ever gets deleted. In a matter of seconds, you could lose all of your content, customers, and loyal audience, just because you relied on another platform to grow your business.

On the other hand, having your own site allows you to control everything because you own everything and for that, we obviously still need web development. 


Content is still really important in 2022 since it is the number one way of connecting to your audience in a more meaningful way. Sure, you can connect with people via Instagram posts and stories or via Twitter, but these platforms are not great for any longer content that people might want from you. 


Sites allow you to monitor and analyse engagement, views, reading time and so much more. Web development is the key to making your site better based on these analyses and solving any issues you might have. It’s not as easy to monitor and pinpoint issues on for example, Tik Tok.