Growing Tech Companies to Watch Out For


As difficult as it is to believe, every major corporation you see today started as a small idea and took many years to be developed into what it is today, like the Casino Luck VIP program. Tech companies are no exception, since Google, Apple, and Microsoft all have interesting origin stories. However, we are not here to talk about them. We are here to tell you about the tech companies you should pay special attention to. Imagine investing in a tech giant before it becomes one – there’s food for thought. Here are some tech companies which are still relatively small, but are certainly picking up speed.


Concurra is a website optimization platform. If you want to create your website from scratch, or simply improve on what you have, Concurra is here to assist you by putting together all of the necessary data in one place. Optimizing your website has now become much easier. Digital agencies and brands have been turning to this platform in order to increase their conversion, as the platform itself has been rapidly growing in popularity.


Business owners have always struggled with customer satisfaction. The digital age only made things more complex and complicated, as there are now different social media, support systems, comments, and emails through which customers give their feedback. Keeping track of these things is fine if you have a small company, but big companies have to have teams on each of these to stay up to speed. It takes time and resources.

Medallia is a customer experience management platform. It means that you can keep track of customer satisfaction everywhere at once, which enables you to react swiftly with promotions and damage control. If you own a business, consider Medallia.


If you’ve ever been in a clinic or hospital, you know that things are, on average, less than stellar. Intricate scheduling methods, no way to give your feedback, and the paperwork can be a nightmare. The websites of these clinics also leave a lot to be desired. Healthcare practices can now rest easy since PatientPop automates making appointments and follow-ups, optimizes the website, and even allows patients to give their comments on the service provided. Ultimately, it saves a lot of time and money by making the practice more efficient.


There is no reason not to help the world while growing in the business arena. The company has an abundance of small drones that they’ve built themselves. They are using these drones to provide people with medical supplies, like medicine and blood, in inaccessible areas. It is operational in Rwanda and they may expand their services. The efficiency with which they complete their tasks puts the healthcare of first-world countries to shame.