Does Artificial Intelligence Pose a Threat to Humanity?


AI has many positive sides, but there is always a constant fear that strikes many people when this piece of technology is mentioned, whether they hear something about an advencement of an online casino or there is a story about some new robot. They are afraid that we are going to be destroyed by Artificial Intelligence. Let’s take a look at some possible outcomes in the future where humans and AI are intertwined. Read on!

Superintelligence Dominates Humanity

Superintelligence is a form of AI that still doesn’t exist but may be created in the future. A superintelligent computer will think much faster and better than the smartest people on our planet. Is this bad? Well, if there is a being that can outsmart us, it puts humans in a subdominant position. We would create our master this way.

Ending Biological Life

One of the possible threats is that technology can overtake the planet if it becomes smarter than us. It can see humans as pests that pollute the Earth and put an end to biological life. However, this is highly unlikely to happen in the near future and seems like a cliche sci-fi scenario. On the other hand, the distant future can bring us anything, and this possibility is still very open.

AI Gets into the Wrong Hands

AI is powerful even today. Luckily, people are still using it constructively. The only destructive use of AI is in the military, but as long as there’s peace on a global level, most of us will not feel the consequences of using AI-powered weapons. But what would happen if AI falls into the hands of someone of the likes of Hitler? We don’t even want to discuss the various repercussions that could fall upon the humankind in that case.

AI Gets into the Right Hands but Turns Destructive

Another option is that AI turns evil by itself. Why would it do something like that? First of all, we don’t know what moral principles it would assume should it start thinking without the human influence. The first would be that human life is not the most valuable thing, but many other principles could follow that.


These options seem rather unlikely to happen to any of us in the next decade or two. Although our technology is rapidly progressing, we are still unable to make such powerful and intelligent computers. A century, on the other hand, is a more probable timeframe for these scenarios to develop.

What’s more unlikely is the extension of human life. In other words, all of us should be long dead before we witness something like the suggested possibilities above to happen in our world. Therefore, you can get back to reality and enjoy our robot-free world as much as you can!